community engagement


Community Dinner with Syrian refugees

May 25, 2018: To celebrate the occasion of Ramadan, the Peacebuilding Project collaborated with the Syrian Community Network to help Syrian refugees integrate into the Hyde Park community and establish relationships between students and refugee families. This was also an opportunity for students to learn about Peacebuilding Project’s volunteer program and explore avenues for mentoring and tutoring refugee children in the Chicago community.

Donation Drive for Syrian refugees

The Peacebuilding Project organized a ‘Winter Clothing Drive’ to help Syrian refugee communities get through the harsh Chicago winter. The University of Chicago student community donated warm clothes, footwear, food and other essential items, which were then donated to the Syrian Community Network.

Peace Exchange

Dec 18, 2017: South Side Chicago is known for high-crime and violence, and it is vital to cultivate a culture of peace among children who grow up witnessing such violence. Here, Founder President of the Peacebuilding Project Rhea Mahanta addresses young peacebuilders and their families before they embarked on their first international peace exchange trip to India to explore non-violence and satyagraha.

Seminar on Global Refugee Crisis

Oct, 24, 2019: The Peacebuilding Project was invited by Miranda House, Delhi University, for a seminar on the topic “Is there a Global Refugee Crisis or is there solidarity in crisis?”. Tarana Faroqi, Director of The Peacebuilding Project, was the speaker of the seminar. She also led a simulation session on the global refugee crisis, in collaboration with the Department of B.A. Program, Miranda House. She succeeded in turning the seminar into an engaging session with young peacebuilders and agents of change, sharing insights into the current situation and challenges faced by refugees in Asia, particularly in India. It was one of our various efforts to sensitize youth about peacebuilding, educate them about its significance in our society and show them different ways in which they can contribute to it. 

Climate and Conflict: Conversations with the Green Diplomat

For decades, India’s troubled Northeastern provinces have been prone to inter-community violence, insurgency and flooding. The Peacebuilding Project’s Oonmona Das met with the writer of The Green Diplomat Blog, who also spoke with Rhea Mahanta, Tarana Faroqi to understand how climate change, pressure on limited land and natural resources, and recent migration legislation further exacerbate tensions in the Assam region.”