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Refugee Rights

PBP’s Program Director of India Ms. Tarana Farooqi spoke with ‘dED’ on 30th July, 2020 on the issue of refugee rights. She talked about the current refugee crisis that is going around throughout the world and the crisis that they face in terms of logistics, livelihood options, and humanitarian crisis. Refugees can be considered to be one of the most vulnerable sections of our community, who are struggling not only for their lives but also for their identity. The decline of multiculturalism and the subsequent surge of populism in the recipient countries is only aiding to the wounds of this community. Considering the volatility of this issue and its multidimensional implications, PBP engaged with this pertinent topic

Podcast : Bridge Project

The Bridge Project is an initiative, co-founded by alumni from IIT Delhi, St. Stephen’s College and South Asian University. It has been set up by recent graduates to address the divide between academia and policy-making in the field of International Relations and Indian Foreign Policy. The objective is to ‘bridge the gap’ by facilitating a dialogue between scholars and practitioners in the discipline.

We collaborated with The Bridge Project for a Podcast on ‘Peace and Conflict Resolution’. The speakers for this episode were Dr. Rityusha Tiwary, Assistant Professor, Political Science and International Relations, University of Delhi & Visiting Fellow, Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi and Rhea Mahanta, Founder and President of The Peacebuilding Project and Civil Affairs Officer, UNMISS. It was moderated by Navya Khanna, member of both The Bridge Project and The Peacebuilding Project. Themes discussed: peace & conflict studies as a discipline, national & international peace processes, refugees, gender-based violence, responses of United Nations, peace-keeping missions, bridging the divide between scholars and practitioners and many more!