Conflict resolution and mediation workshop

The Peacebuilding Project conducts it’s first Lecshop (lecture/ workshop) at The University of Chicago. It aims to create awareness on Conf;ict Transformation and Peacebuilding. Pari Karim, Training Director of the Chicago Centre for Conflict Resolution, introduces concepts of Mediation, Peacemaking and Strategies of Negotiation.

Community Dinner with Syrian refugees

The Peacebuilding Project collaborated with the Syrian Community Network to help Syrian refugees integrate into the Hyde Park community and establish relationships between students and refugee families.

Women, Peace & Security

The Peacebuilding Project, in collaboration with the Women in International Affairs Program, conducts a panel discussion with Dr. S. Ayse Kadayifci, a founding member of the Salam Institute for Peace and Justice and Professor of Conflict Resolution at Georgetown University. This intimate event  was filled with in-depth conversations about religion and women in peacebuilding.

Peace Exchange

The Founder of The Peacebuilding Project, Rhea Mahanta, addressed young peacebuilders and their families before they embarked on their first international peace exchange trip.

'ReImaginations- Reflections on Peace

In collaboration with International House at the University of Chicago, we reimagine ‘Peace’ and what it means to an individual and what it means in the context of international conflict. The Peacebuilding Project leads an intense and earnest exploration of resistance, violence, and hope amidst international conflicts.

Miranda House Event

Tarana Faroqi, Director of The Peacebuilding Project, was invited as the speaker by Miranda House, Delhi University, for a seminar on the topic “Is there a Global Refugee Crisis or is there solidarity in crisis?”. She also led a simulation session on the global refugee crisis, in collaboration with the Department of B.A. Program, Miranda House. It was an engaging session with young peacebuilders and agents of change, sharing insights into the current situation and challenges faced by refugees in Asia, particularly in India.

Diwali Campaign

The Peacebuilding Project created a nation-wide movement of young peacebuilders advocating for climate action through a ‘Green Diwali’ without the use of fireworks and promotion of sustainable and cleaner alternatives. The campaign initiated to make people conscious of their acts and their responsibility towards the environment. It was an active participation from young peacebuilders emphasizing the perils of Diwali, from the exploitative fireworks industry to the cases of animal cruelty during the festival.

Rohingya Program

Rhea Mahanta, Founder & President of The Peacebuilding Project, visited the Rohingya Refugee camp in India and interacted with various members of the community. In the words of Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon that one can use in order to change the world”. We at the Peacebuilding Project sought to put these words into practice through the Rohingya Literacy program, aiming to provide the refugee children with quality education, enabling them to grow in incalculable ways.