your Big Year

Check out the article on Your Big Year on how The Peacebuilding Project started and what we are about!

Chicago Maroon

The Peacebuilding Project gets featured on Chicago Maroon. Read the full article.

Rohingya Human Rights Initiative

chicago rises

Chicago Rises features our Founder on her journey of The Peacebuilding Project. Read this article to know how it all started!


NDTV covers the felicitation ceremony of the Rohingya Literacy Project that was implemented by The Peacebuilding Project in partnership with Rohingya Human Rights Initiative.

SDG Action Awards

The Peacebuilding Project was nominated for the SDG Action Awards!

The Green Diplomat

The writer speaks to The Peacebuilding Project to understand how climate change, limited land and natural resources and migration legislations exacerbate tensions in North East India

Rohingya Literacy Project