diwali campaign


The festival of Diwali renders many Indian cities almost unlivable, with the consequent Air Quality Index above and beyond the ‘safe’ upper limit. The festival sees the intense cleaning of our homes, in anticipation for the festivities and celebration. This same enthusiasm is missing when one has to address the shared environment beyond the threshold of our houses. A clean environment may just cease to be a reality as the years progress; and it is extremely important to address how Diwali is irrevocably responsible for a host of issues under the ambit of climate change. Murky grey skies and hazardous air most definitely should not be the norm.

The Peacebuilding Project created a nation-wide movement of young peacebuilders advocating for climate action through a ‘Green Diwali’ without the use of fireworks and promotion of sustainable and cleaner alternatives. This movement saw active participation from the young peacebuilders emphasizing the perils of Diwali, from the exploitative fireworks industry to the cases of animal cruelty during the festival. The campaign initiated to make people conscious of their acts and their responsibility towards the environment.