Members of The Peacebuilding Project are not just avid readers but are also passionate about spreading awareness for pressing global issues such as migration and refugee crisis, gender rights, conflict areas and many more. We believe that positive change in people’s attitudes can be brought by discussing extensively and harmoniously. This gave us the idea of starting our very own ‘Documentary and Book Club’. Here, we aim to discuss books, academic papers and documentaries.

Book Discussion ‘The New Odyssey: Europe's Migration Crisis’

Our first discussion was on Patrick Kingsley’s The New Odyssey: Europe’s Migration Crisis. We delved into philosophical questions of state and its moral obligations, presented conceptual clarity on refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and in the background of it all, celebrated the modern day heroic journey of Hasheem and many like him. By the end of the discussion, our participants were able to empathize with the refugees and their families from the book.