letter campaign


The Peacebuilding Project organized a Letters Campaign that aimed to disseminate peace letter templates, to empower individuals to take effective nonviolent actions on issues they were concerned about.

The Peacebuilding Project’s Letter Campaign for the draft Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Earlier this July, The Peacebuilding Project released a peace letter to the Indian Government urging them to withdraw the draft EIA bill. This bill would see the deregulation of environmental impact assessment for many projects, the restriction of public say in government policies, and give greater leeway to companies seeking to prioritize profits over people’s wellbeing. If passed, this bill had the potential to weaken democracy and put many Indians’ lives at risk – especially those poor and dependent on the environment for their livelihoods. 

Thus, PBP wrote a peace letter that emphasized the government’s point of view and addressed the concerns of lowered economic growth. PBP urged them to protect the environment and avoid taking down a path of short-term risks and drowning out long-term goals.

The Peacebuilding Project’s Letter Campaign for the Belarusian protesters

Earlier this August, PBP released another letter of solidarity with the Belarusian protesters. Belarus has suffered a dictatorship for decades, and PBP stands in full support of the peaceful civil movement that seeks to institute a new society based on democratic principles and inclusivity and thus submitted the letters to Belarusian Helsinki Committee.