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about the program

With a simple goal in mind to do our part in making the world a better place for all; the Peacebuilding Project became a part of the Rohingya Literacy Program initiated by the Rohingya Human Rights Initiative in 2019 for children belonging to the Rohingya refugee community. Through this initiative we aim to provide a doorway to stable education in order to help shape a better and an independent future for the children. Our education program provided a scope for the children to learn English and basic computer skills; further aiding and encouraging them to move a couple of steps forward in order to be able to drive their goals and aspirations ahead-as was put forth by them. We sought to provide them with the necessary skills, knowledge and opportunities in order for them to live a fulfilling and productive life; further defining the social agenda of inclusion in our Indian society. Quality education will enable the children to learn about themselves and the world around them, while striving to build their lives and communities. As a part of the human community, we all have a moral obligation per say to rise and take responsibility in helping these children build a better and brighter future.

One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world

Malala Yousafzai

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Volunteer Experiences

The Peacebuilding Project’s Rohingya Literacy Program members (featured in our Team section) and former volunteers Nabiha Naaz, Reet Sehgal and others were instrumental in the successful implementation of this program. Here’s what they have to say about their experience!

Engaging with the Peacebuilding Project has helped me grow immensely. Volunteering in the Rohingya Literacy Project for a period of 3 months brought me closer to the ground reality, and made me understand the plight, the social and economic repercussions that the refugees face. The fact that the children had such ambitious dreams, but are forced to spend their childhood in struggle left me bereft. I am very thankful for this enriching experience that has helped me grow in many ways.

Srishti Gautam

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Rhea Mahanta, Sabber Sir, Tarana and the entire team of Rohingya Human Rights initiative and the Peacebuilding Project for putting in such great effort towards the upliftment of the Rohingya Refugee community. A special thanks to Yasmin Ma’am (a member of the community and in charge of looking after the children at the education center) for her unending support and help while all the volunteers were there to teach in the community. The children out there have a flame in them to study, learn, and do something great in life. They were a very enthusiastic batch who always wanted to learn something new. I had an extremely fruitful experience, not only in terms of teaching but also learning a whole lot from them. It was a pleasure teaching such enthusiastic kids who always had a smile on their face. I am very grateful and happy that I got the opportunity to teach such incredible children and contribute in whatever little way I could. Given a chance, I will definitely love to go back and teach them again because I am certain that they have all the capabilities in them to shine.

Sanjana Sharma Sahu

Volunteering in the Rohingya Literacy Program has helped me to get a deeper understanding of the challenging nature and foundation of human rights, particularly child rights. It is through this initiative that I am intrigued and have developed an interest to further work in the lines of public policy research in the humanitarian field and contribute constructively to both policy and practice in the field of human rights.

Samhita Gogoi