training and workshops


  • Conflict Resolution & Mediation
  • Women, Peace & Security
  • Panel on Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue & Coexistence
  • Screening of the Israeli-Palestinian Joint Memorial Day Ceremony
  • War, Exile, and Stalin's Siberia with Donna Urbikas
  • ReImaginations: Dialogue Series about Peace
  • U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East
  • gandhi, bapu, india Non Violence As A Strategy
12 Feb 2018: The Peacebuilding Project conducts it’s first Lecshop (lecture/ workshop) at The University of Chicago! Training Director of the Chicago Centre for Conflict Resolution, Pari Karim introduces concepts of Mediation, Peacemaking and Strategies of Negotiation as the project aims to create awareness on Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding. Powered by UChicagoGRAD and Grad Council.

7 April 2018: The Peacebuilding Project in collaboration with the Women in International Affairs Program conducts a panel discussion with Dr. S. Ayse Kadayifci, a founding member of the Salam Institute for Peace and Justice and Professor of Conflict Resolution at Georgetown University. This intimate event in a closed setting with an expert in the field of international affairs was filled with in-depth conversations about religion and women in peacebuilding.

14 November 2018: The Peacebuilding Project brought together two very reputed and acclaimed luminaries together on a platform to talk about coexistence and finding common ground amidst polarization. Yossi Klein Halevi, author of ‘Letters to my Palestinian Neighbour’ and Dr. Walid Issa, Executive Director of The American Palestinian Hope Project come together in a conversation about coexistence. The event was co-sponsored by UChicago Hillel, UChicago Alliance with Israel, JStreet U UChicago, and OneVoice. 

May 7, 2019: Yom Hazikaron (Israeli Memorial Day) has become one of the strongest statements against the militarization of our society, war and occupation. Together we work towards reconciliation, equality and peace. UChicago people who are interested in peace building and share the grief and the reflection together, are welcome. In partnership with UChicago Hillel.

6 February 2019: Donna Solecka Urbikas, the author of the book "My Sister's Mother: A Memoir of War, Exile, and Stalin's Siberia," recounts her family history and her own survivor’s story, of her Polish-born mother and half-sister endured dehumanizing conditions during World War II as slave laborers in Siberia. The conversation will focus on the experiences of Eastern European refugees after World War II and draw connections to our modern refugee crisis.

In this collaboration with International House at the University of Chicago, we reimagine ‘Peace’ and what it means to an individual and what it means in the context of international conflict. The Peacebuilding Project leads an intense and earnest exploration of resistance, violence, and hope amidst international conflicts.

24 October 2018: In association with International Women Associates (IWA) Chicago, Joseph Yackley led a discussion on the “History of U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East”, who has served with the U.S. State Department in Tunis and Turkey.  His next assignment as an "Iran Watcher” takes him back to Istanbul. Joe holds a PhD from the University of Chicago and is a co-author of “Risk Rules: How Local Politics Threaten the Global Economy.”

20 Feb 2021: The Peacebuilding Project in collaboration with Ekta Parishad conducted the online workshop: “Non-Violence as a Strategy” with speaker Mr. Ramesh Sharma, General Secretary at Ekta Parishad and member of the National Task Force on Land Reforms, who shared valuable insights on employing non-violence as a tool for peacebuilding. Ekta Parishad is India’s largest mass-based movement for the rights of landless and homeless people. Mr. Sharma discussed principles such as the self-sufficiency of villages and communities, the need for inner transformation to become peace-oriented individuals, as well as belief in democracy as precondition for non-violent mobilization.